Fourth of July

Rituals of Connection

Since we’re on a streak this month with Gottman methodology (I just got certified, and I am loving it — can you tell?) let’s talk about rituals of connection. In our busy day and age, a lot of more traditional rituals of connection get lost in the bustle. Personally, I love holidays; I love setting Read more about Rituals of Connection[…]

Being Held

“I can’t stop the rain from falling down on you but I will hold you until it goes away.” These are the words from the Third Day song “When the Rain Comes.” Sometimes life just seems overwhelming and we just want to be held. I think that when we are in this state of mind Read more about Being Held[…]

Blessings are always better than Curses

Blessings are always better than curses. But sometimes it’s all you can do not to focus the curses in your life. The pastor who married us spent a good amount of time the day before our wedding talking to us about our parents and what “gifts or blessings” they had given us throughout our lives. Read more about Blessings are always better than Curses[…]

We all have a story to tell

We all have a story to tell. Some of our stories are filled with humor, adventure and pursuits of happiness. Others are stores of ventures gone bad, risks never taken or straight up defeat. Still others are tragedies beyond belief-stories of loss, pain, sorrow or betrayal. These stores make up our very existence; be they epic adventures or sober tragedies, they make us who we are and how we view the world…or do they?