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Unpacking of the CVI™

We highly recommend upgrading to the full version of the CVI™ before proceeding to the Unpacking of the CVI™ course.


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Watch this 5 minute video on how the Unpacking of the CVI™ will benefit your relationship.


Download/Print the Workbook

Follow along in the workbook. The video prompts you with video time slots.


Access the video

Watch the Unpacking of the CVI™ video. You will need about 2 hours dedicated to watching the video and completing a few activities in the Unpacking CVI™ Workbook.

If you have only taken the free CVI™ version, we highly recommend upgrading to the full version of the CVI™ for $49.95 BEFORE beginning the unpacking the CVI™ course.

To upgrade to the full version, you’ll need to login to your account when you took the FREE CVI™ and select the option to upgrade. If you aren’t sure how to do that, take the free CVI™ again, it’s quick, under 5 minutes and highly repeatable- so there is no harm in you taking it again.