Team Building for Organizations

Core Values Counseling offers Team Building Opportunities through the Core Values Index™ as well as Equine Assisted Growth and Learning.

As a team or Organization, it is essential to understand how each member is wired. Knowing each member’s strength enables companies to task people with the right jobs to get the greatest results. As you come to understand each other’s strengths and triggers through the Core Values Index™, teams are able to navigate problems and build successful outcomes when dealing with issues within the team.

Our team also offers unique opportunities through the EAGALA model of Equine learning opportunities. We use horses to help you gain understanding and build stronger working relationships. Contact Sabrina or Eric if you are interested in this type of team building opportunity.

As a Core Values Counseling Trained Coach or Counselor, we want to equip you to go into the workplace with confidence to lead teams in a deeper understanding of their Core Values. Contact us for more information or if you would like to attend our advanced training.