Caring for Pastoral Couples


We care about YOU and YOUR marriage! We want to offer a time for you to get away, experience a time of deep reflection, connection and also a chance to get to know us and how we can serve your flock. This getaway is at the Dreamgivers Inn outside Newberg, Or. It is a gift from us to you, free of charge. One night (more nights can be booked for a deeply discounted rate). We will be guiding you through your own Core Values Index™ and also guiding you through a time of vision and legacy-building activities. All are done in an intimate way, so you don’t have to share out. We keep these retreats small and they are only for pastors, so you can be encouraged by others in your own calling. Come away and be refreshed…ON US!

Ways WE Want to SERVE YOUR Congregation

Couples Counseling

We know your parishioners are struggling to find help with their marriages. Many pastors feel ill-equipped to help beyond triage, so we want to be a trusted resource for you! We are trained in the scientific, researched-based Gottman Couples Method of Couples Therapy. We know how important it is to hand off your hurting couples to someone you have confidence in. We are here for you!

CORE VALUES INDEX™ – 3 Hour Saturday Morning Conference

We offer a 3-hour Core Values Index™ Unpacking. The Core Values Index™ is one of the only personality assessments that can stand the test of time. We believe it reveals the DNA of your soul, the Image of God in YOU! We bring our staff and present the basics of how to understand yourself and your partner. It unlocks the innate, unchanging core of each individual, and helps couples see each other in a whole new light. This also gives your couples a chance to meet us and opens doors for them to seek the help they need with someone they have already met. It is a win-win, short, and easy to fit into the calendar of both the church and couples. Book your 3-hour morning couples CVI™ Unpacking today!

Enticing Love Conferences

We offer a Friday evening / All day Saturday conference, in which we unpack the CVI™ and help them learn about different stages of marriage, ways to manage conflict, and build a vision for their relationship. Learn more

Equipping Pastors and Lay-Counselors

Because we know pastors and laymen serving couples in your church may not have the training to feel well equipped, we offer Gottman’s Bridging the Couple Chasm (level 1) and Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Assessment, Intervention, and Co-Morbidity (Level 2)  at a reduced price for you and your leaders. Sabrina Walters is a Certified Gottman Therapist and Gottman trainer and is passionate about equipping pastors and other helpers with the tools they need to feel confident in helping couples.

Counseling for Individual, Children, Teens, and Families

We have several therapists at many levels of experience and price points who have different specialties, from trauma specialists, play therapy, family therapy, equine-assisted therapy, EMDR and many others. We continue to grow in order to be able to have availability for your people in need as soon as they need help.

“Eric and Sabrina worked in ministry as volunteers for 20+ years in Young Life and Fellowship of Christian athletes, church ministry, wrestled through an affair, and now have the vision to help ministry couples and the people they work with.”

We are here for you. You can read the profiles of our therapists here. You are welcome to contact us here to ask questions or set-up an appointment, we will get back to you within 24 hours. Taking the first step toward healthy change is courageous and powerful.

Mission Statement

Hope, Healing, and Growth – One Relationship at a Time.