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How to Increase Empathy with Your Partner

We've all been there. You're having an argument with your partner, and they explain why they're upset. You listen -- you really listen -- but they might as well be speaking ancient Latin for all you're able to understand.    Why would that matter?    How could this...

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Learning Emotions

As a therapist/wife/friend/daughter/mother/mother-in-law/grandmother...I have always known I am gifted (or cursed, depending on how I'm feeling about it on any given day) on reading emotions. I also realize that I have often misunderstood what those emotions are...

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Easter Is About New Beginnings

Easter is still a couple weeks off, but this new burst of spring is already well under way. It reminds me that this is really what Easter is all about: new beginnings! Whether you’re celebrating a faith-based Easter holiday with a focus on resurrection, or just...

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Understand vs. Believe

Sometimes, our partners have different needs and wants than us (okay, maybe it’s a LOT of times!). When those needs and wants are so foreign to us that we don't even understand them, it can be really hard to empathize or support them through it. Sometimes we just...

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Are You Hungry? How About Sleepy?

Sometimes, as my husband the basketball coach likes to say, we have to remember to go back to the basics. All the fancy footwork and trick passes will get you nowhere on the court if you don’t have a mastery of the fundamental, basic basketball skills. The same, I...

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Your Bed is Not A Workplace

When I was young, my mom would never let me eat in bed — she never wanted me to get crumbs in the sheets. If I did, I’d have to change my sheets, a chore I simply hated. These days, many of us have started using our beds for many more things than it was advertised for at the mattress store, especially work. In fact, you might be one of the many (like me!) who’s now relegated to working at home exclusively, thanks to the social distancing requirements. When creating an at-home workspace, it’s important to remember that the purpose of a bed is sleep & intimacy!