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Beautiful Transformations: Relationships and Autumn

Autumn is just around the corner. Can you feel it? There’s a crispness to the mornings now that we didn’t have a few weeks ago. And there’s a shift in everyone’s energy — from the carefree ramblings and back-porch hangouts of summer to the buzzing energy of returning...

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Your Bed is Not A Workplace

When I was young, my mom would never let me eat in bed — she never wanted me to get crumbs in the sheets. If I did, I’d have to change my sheets, a chore I simply hated. These days, many of us have started using our beds for many more things than it was advertised for at the mattress store, especially work. In fact, you might be one of the many (like me!) who’s now relegated to working at home exclusively, thanks to the social distancing requirements. When creating an at-home workspace, it’s important to remember that the purpose of a bed is sleep & intimacy!