Core Values Training for Counselors & Coaches working with individuals

Coaches and counselors now have access to the most reliable assessment on the market. Developed by Lynn Taylor to turn around business in all industries by helping owners and managers place each person on their team in the right position, matching their innate, unchanging core values, we now offer this powerful tool to you. Whether you work with individuals, couples, families or businesses, you can now be trained in this assessment that is unmatched.

Take the Core Values Index™ training in person or conveniently online. Receive coaching from our team in order for you to gain all the knowledge and skill to be able to use it with confidence with your clients to bring them to their best contribution and best relationship possible.

Benefits of becoming a certified Core Values Index™ (CVI™) trained coach or counselor

Basic Certification

1) Training in the use of the CVI™ with clients which will allow you to:

A) Understand and teach them about their conflict strategy
B) Understand and teach them about their Learning Styles
C) See how they view the world through their highest Core Value
D) Realize the strength of each Core Value
E) Teach the client how to shift Core Values when in different situations

2) Gain access to learning tools like:

A) Videos to refresh your understanding of the CVI™ with clients
B) Power Point presentations to use when unpacking the CVI™
C) A Facebook group to share ideas and question about the CVI™ uses
D) Support from Core Values Counseling to answer questions and give you support

3) Have access to technical and product support by Taylor Protocols, including:

A) URL’s to put on your website so people can take the free or full-version CVI™
B) Access to a “bucket” with all CVI™’s that people take from your URL’s
C) A discount if you by CVI’s™ in bulk; 10% for 10-50 CVI™

4) Build revenue through referring companies to Taylor Protocols

5) Knowledge of how to use the CVI™ to do Team Building activities with companies or groups.


Advanced Certification

After Unpacking 20 CVI™’s with clients you may work towards the advance CVI™ certification. This would allow you to have the benefits of the Basic Certification plus those listed below.

You would choose an Area of focus for your advanced certification in:

1) Relationships: – You would be trained to use the CVI™ with couples dealing in conflict, teaching them how and when to shift to another Core Value to resolve issues.

-You will be posted on our Core Values Counseling website as a trained counselor or coach for clients to work with the CVI™ and relationships.

-You will be eligible to work with the Core Values Counseling team for conferences.

2) Individual Work: – You would gain in-depth training to use the CVI™ in with individuals dealing with conflict, teaching them how to shift to another Core Value.

-You will be posted on our Core Values Counseling website as a trained counselor or coach for individual clients to work with the CVI™.

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