Hiring-Top Performer Profile

Top Performer Profile (TPP), what is it?

The TPP is a hiring tool used by companies to get people into jobs which correlate to their Core Values. Lynn Taylor created the Core Values Index™ (CVI™) for this very purpose; to help employer’s hire people who are wired to carry out the tasks each position requires, and to accomplish them with the greatest ease and efficiency.

Statistically, only about 12% of employees are considered (A) performers, 10% are (B) performers and around 50% are (C) performers. With the TPP, employers can be guaranteed a much higher success rate in hiring the right people for the job. The protocol for the TPP develops a profile for each position in a company. Then the company advertises the position and anyone who applies takes the CVI™ to see if they match the parameters of an (A) performer. The company then looks at the resumes and does interviews with people who match the needs of the position according to their CVI™ scores. This can also be used in a company to move people within the company into positions they are better wired for, increasing productivity and revenue.

As a trained CVI™ Coach or Counselor, you can create referrals for TPPs with Core Values Counseling and gain 10% of the generated revenue by the development of the TPP and yearlong CVI™ subscription. You may also continue coaching the company, and if you have been through our advanced training for the CVI™, you will be able to do the Foundations classes for the company, training the members of the company in a deeper understanding of the CVI™, and how to use this information to benefit their employees and their company.

E-Rep may also refer to you for doing Foundations classes with other companies if you pass their Level II exams, which our advanced training will prepare you for.

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