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What does it mean to commit yourself to someone else in a marriage relationship?

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How can you as a couple learn and grow closer in understanding of how you and your lover are wired? Where do the two of you escape to that allows you to dream and learn more about each other? Have you taken time to Dream about your future together and put together a plan?

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We at Core Values Couples want to supply you with resources to do just that. We find that so many couples truly want to do this but just won’t take the time and spend the money to invest in their relationship as you would for work. But we encourage you to take time away once every 3 to 4 months just to be a couple even if it is just for one night. If you have kids it will speak volumes to them that you put each other before anything or anybody. We all need to keep growing, that is why every one to three years we take time to go to a relationship seminar or retreat. It is time to get away and if we learn one more thing in an area of our lives that is great.

Now what are your future plans for Enriching your marriage?


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How To Attune To Your Partner (9/22/2018) - Attuning to your partner emotionally is one of the most important ways to build a lasting connection of trust and safety. We all need to know that our feelings are understood — even if they might be a little irrational. What’s especially important to remember as you attune to your partner is this:Empathizing with their emotions[...]
How To Deal When Your Partner Has More Vacay Than You (9/1/2018) - Many of you are aware that Eric is still a teacher, and therefore essentially has two and a half months off every summer. Me, I’m a therapist and don’t get time off unless I take it. There can be a lot of benefits to this system — I get a house-husband for a while and can put him[...]
How To Speak Your Partner’s Language (8/29/2018) - I was working with a couple recently, and they were getting stuck on an issue that plagues a lot of us. One partner, let’s call her Lily, was much less interested in romance than her husband (let’s call him Rich). Rich wanted to go on dates with his wife, get out of the house, go out to[...]
Preparing Your Relationship For A Medical Crisis (8/29/2018) - If you, your partner or child, a parent or other immediate family member, becomes diagnosed with a long-term illness, gets severely injured, or faces some other medical crisis, it will obviously affect your relationship. We know this, and yet we don’t like to spend much time planning for that possibility. The thing is: Life is long. If you’re with[...]
10 Honest Wedding Vows (8/21/2018) - Wedding vows: creating a covenant with your beloved, in front of witnesses, swearing to love each other until death do you part. But does that include doing the dishes? Does it include keeping quiet when we haven’t had breakfast yet, because who knows what we’ll say when we’re ‘hangry’? They don’t normally cover those things in your[...]
16 Amazing Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas (8/21/2018) - I hope you’ll indulge me for a moment, because I really want to take this opportunity to brag on my incredible daughter-in-law (or, as I like to say, ‘daughter-in-LOVE’). She’s recently started a blog called “My Daughter’s Table,” all about parenting and cooking for a daughter with extensive food allergies. It’s a really wonderful blog with amazing[...]
When Was The Last Time You Made Time For Fun? (8/20/2018) - When was the last time you made time for FUN with your partner? As therapists and leaders of couples’ workshops, we will be the first to tell you that great relationships take work. They do! That’s part and parcel of a long-term commitment. But great relationships also need high doses of fun, adventure, and joy — just as much[...]
Supporting Your Partner’s Dreams (8/13/2018) - When you’ve been in a long-term relationship for, well, a pretty long time, it’s common to develop a rhythm, a schedule, a sense of what’s ‘normal’ for your life together. And when your partner suddenly decides they want to change that normalcy with a new dream or goal, it can feel pretty disconcerting. Maybe you’re used to having[...]
What To Do When You Suspect Your Partner (8/13/2018) - As we discussed on our blog from last week, social media can provide a temptation to the best of us. But what do you do if you suspect that your partner has already made those connections? This can be a horrible feeling. But, first of all, resist the urge to try and ‘catch them out.’ This is your partner, not your[...]
Asking Your Partner For Alone Time (2/27/2018) - Do you need alone time as part of your own self-care? Sometimes, when we’re in a long-term relationship, asking for alone time can feel strange. You love your partner, and you love being together, but sometimes one of you just needs more alone time than the other. Depending on your CVI score and personality type, we all have[...]