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What does it mean to commit yourself to someone else in a marriage relationship?

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How can you as a couple learn and grow closer in understanding of how you and your lover are wired? Where do the two of you escape to that allows you to dream and learn more about each other? Have you taken time to Dream about your future together and put together a plan?

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We at Core Values Couples want to supply you with resources to do just that. We find that so many couples truly want to do this but just won’t take the time and spend the money to invest in their relationship as you would for work. But we encourage you to take time away once every 3 to 4 months just to be a couple even if it is just for one night. If you have kids it will speak volumes to them that you put each other before anything or anybody. We all need to keep growing, that is why every one to three years we take time to go to a relationship seminar or retreat. It is time to get away and if we learn one more thing in an area of our lives that is great.

Now what are your future plans for Enriching your marriage?


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relationship stress Refiguring Your Partner’s Identity (8/1/2017) - A lot of times when a relationship goes through a big reveal — someone had an affair years ago, or they’re addicted to some substance — it can feel like your partner is suddenly a completely different person. How could this person you thought you knew so well have such a secret? And how can[...]
Gottman Love Mapping Why Love Mapping? (6/20/2017) - Remember that Gottman Relationship house? Well, the very first floor of the relationship house in Gottman is something called “love mapping.” Have you heard of it? Love mapping is an intentional check-in to really make sure you know your partner deeply. It’s kind of like body mapping: If you understand how your body works, you[...]
Your relationship house What’s In Your Attic? (6/13/2017) - The Gottmans use a picture of a house to symbolize different aspects of your relationship with your significant other. The very top of that house? Creating shared meaning and making each of your life-long dreams come true!   Couples who invest in each other’s dreams have been proven to be masters of relationships. What does[...]
Sunny Days! (6/2/2017) - “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…” Spring is finally here! Anyone else enjoying the glorious sunshine today? With this lovely uptick in weather, I can’t help but be reminded of the importance of clear vision. When we don’t understand one another, we can often take out our frustrations on each other. Usually[...]
Healing Together (12/18/2015) - How can our own wounds, despite being painful, become powerful healing compounds to our relationship? It’s kind of mysterious how this works. Shared pain is actually a way to mobilization. Moving through the pain of the wound together is a way to not only support each other, but to help you both see that you are in[...]
The Issue of Money (11/10/2015) - Money and Stress can go hand in hand. What we do with our finances speaks to what we value in life, what we have been taught about handling money and how we communicate/work with our spouse on financial issues. Many times we just have unshared expectations about how money should be used; or maybe we[...]
It’s Quite a Story (9/30/2015) - We have a story to tell. It’s not easy to write, however, we know what lies deep within this story will help others hold onto hope and love. Ultimately we hope others will build a legacy for the next generation as this story has done for our family. This story is also one of the[...]
Enticing Love Couples Retreat (9/12/2015) - March 25, 2016 – February 27, 2016 | Register Description: Date: Friday Feb. 19th to Saturday Feb. 20th, 2016 Schedule Friday: starting at 6pm, lasting until 9pm Saturday: 9am finishing at 5pm Have you ever wished you could see into the heart of your lover’s soul, or that they could understand you at your core?[...]
The Many Ways We Connect (5/23/2015) - The Many Ways We Attach and Why its So Important I’ve been thinking a lot about attachment lately. Perhaps it is because I am working with a master educator/counselor who is an expert on attachment. In my last post I promised I would tell you about the book I was reading: The Neurobiology of We[...]
Get Some Sleep! (8/5/2014) - New Research: Get Some Sleep. As a couple, Eric and I have always heard it said: “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger!” This is one of those quotes from the bible that most people (Christians or not) truly believe will help assure that they have a happy marriage. Going to bed angry[...]