Always Improving, Always Content

Have you ever noticed how we humans tend to take on an all-or-nothing perspective when it comes to our own improvement? We’re either striving with perfectionist fervor to improve, at the cost of our own self-worth — or we’re so focused on being content right where we are that we reject opportunities for growth. This Read more about Always Improving, Always Content[…]

Five Things Your Partner With Anxiety Wants You To Know

If your partner has anxiety, sometimes it can be hard to understand. Things that wouldn’t stress you out make them feel overwhelmed, and your efforts to help, while well-intentioned, might not accomplish what you’re hoping. The most important thing is to talk about these issues, and ask your partner what works for them and what Read more about Five Things Your Partner With Anxiety Wants You To Know[…]

Establishing Rituals of Connection

Have you ever heard the term ‘Rituals of Connection’? These are the rituals you build into your life that connect you with your partner, habits that build relationships and encourage closeness. These rituals are always important in a romantic relationship, but perhaps exceptionally so after experiencing the trauma of an affair. As Eric and I know Read more about Establishing Rituals of Connection[…]

What To Do When Your Partner Won’t Comply

One of the toughest situations to be in relationally is when one person doesn’t see anything wrong with the relationship. They don’t see anything wrong with their behavior, or the way they’re treating you, even though you do — and this partner doesn’t want outside help. What do you do in that situation? Bend to Read more about What To Do When Your Partner Won’t Comply[…]