Don’t Forget To ASK

These past few weeks Eric and I have been assessing our community by ASKING others what they see happening that is good, where the needs are and what breaks their hearts for relationships. It’s a cold-call process that’s part of our doctoral study, and it’s been fascinating. But the most unexpected aspect is how it’s Read more about Don’t Forget To ASK[…]

Looking for Trouble

I’ve mentioned before that I instinctively avoid conflict. It’s a challenge for me to bring tough stuff to the table in my relationships. But I know that many other people have the opposite problem. They are too quick to enter into conflict. When we are speaking in terms of the CVI, Builders are notorious for Read more about Looking for Trouble[…]

Get Some Sleep!

New Research: Get Some Sleep. As a couple, Eric and I have always heard it said: “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger!” This is one of those quotes from the bible that most people (Christians or not) truly believe will help assure that they have a happy marriage. Going to bed angry Read more about Get Some Sleep![…]

Being Held

“I can’t stop the rain from falling down on you but I will hold you until it goes away.” These are the words from the Third Day song “When the Rain Comes.” Sometimes life just seems overwhelming and we just want to be held. I think that when we are in this state of mind Read more about Being Held[…]