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I’ve mentioned before that I instinctively avoid conflict. It’s a challenge for me to bring tough stuff to the table in my relationships. But I know that many other people have the opposite problem. They are too quick to enter into conflict. When we are speaking in terms of the CVI, Builders are notorious for this. They’ll jump in headfirst to a conflict with little worry for how it might affect others. Often these personalities get a bad rap for this; and indeed, it’s important to be consciously respectful of others, conflict or no.
But in my tendency to avoid conflict, I’ve found that I can really learn something from the all-in Builder mentality! After all, we can’t always worry about how our choices will affect people; in fact, it can be more respectful on the whole to trust others to be able to receive us! Builders inherently get this. They don’t jump into conflict because they’re looking for trouble! They jump in because they believe you can handle it. They trust you.
Perhaps us peace-loving merchants could face conflict more readily if we internalized the belief that by respectfully bringing these issues to the table, we’re really paying our partner a compliment.ntil we have blog posts added to the development site.