TED Talk

What Your Relationship Means To Your Children

This Ted talk speaks to a very important issue: how childhood trauma affects children throughout their lifetime. What so many people don’t understand is the damage we do to our own children when we don’t directly deal with our own issues. Whether it’s addiction, our own childhood trauma, or the inability to deal with stress Read more about What Your Relationship Means To Your Children[…]

Hand Held Devises and Kid’s Development

This article articulates very scientifically why kids need to be vastly limited on the use of technology. In my practice I see everyday the devastating effects of the use of technology on the brain. Children have to learn from adults and their environment how to regulate themselves. When they are glued to a devise, it Read more about Hand Held Devises and Kid’s Development[…]

Being Held

“I can’t stop the rain from falling down on you but I will hold you until it goes away.” These are the words from the Third Day song “When the Rain Comes.” Sometimes life just seems overwhelming and we just want to be held. I think that when we are in this state of mind Read more about Being Held[…]

From Struggles to Strengths

Today my son James graduates from Oregon State University. It will be an exciting day, made especially so because the First Lady, Michelle Obama, will be speaking. Although I’m thrilled to have the chance to hear her in person, it doesn’t come close to the joy arising in me as I think of all the Read more about From Struggles to Strengths[…]