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TED Talk

This Ted talk speaks to a very important issue: how childhood trauma affects children throughout their lifetime.

What so many people don’t understand is the damage we do to our own children when we don’t directly deal with our own issues. Whether it’s addiction, our own childhood trauma, or the inability to deal with stress in a healthy way, if we don’t deal with it, we pass it on — and we may even pass on something worse. When couples continue to have heated, angry (especially verbally or physically abusive) arguments in front of or within their children’s earshot, it causes lasting damage…maybe even brain damage.

Our homes need to be a shelter against the storm; there is enough trauma in the world already, and children need a safe place from that. Home should not be the very place they feel the most uncertain! We at Core Values Couples are passionate about helping to prevent abusive relationships and transform those relationships in the danger zone. Is there any better reason than your children (or future children) to dive in and work hard for the best relationship possible?