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This article articulates very scientifically why kids need to be vastly limited on the use of technology. In my practice I see everyday the devastating effects of the use of technology on the brain. Children have to learn from adults and their environment how to regulate themselves. When they are glued to a devise, it does not teach them this. Children need personal, compassionate interaction from live human beings for their brains to properly develop into fully functioning, compassionate, well rounded human beings. It is kind of scary to think of the coming generations who have been essentially raised by technology. Let technology be a small, supplemental enhancement, but please limit the use of it, especially with very small children. Don’t allow children to keep their devises in their bedrooms. Parents need to dock them in their rooms so they assure the children are sleeping and not surfing. Put locks on them and use parental controls. We need to be even more vigilant about what they see and who the are interacting with. We thought technology would make our lives easier, and in many ways it has, but not for parenting. We must be mindful of our own use, and how much it dominates our lives. For as children observe, they will emulate.