The Addiction Of Love

The part of the brain that gets triggered by cocaine is the same place we get triggered by romantic love. The difference being, of course, that you get to come down from cocaine — but you can’t come down from romantic love too easily. As this Ted Talk explains (take the fifteen minutes to watch it), Romantic Read more about The Addiction Of Love[…]

Why Self-Care Matters For Your Relationships

What about does self-care have to do with intimacy? This week I feel like I’ve come out of a long, Portland winter hibernation. After months of enjoying the coziness of this chilly season, all of a sudden I want to be outside. All the time! The nicer weather just entices me out there, and then I’m remembering why Read more about Why Self-Care Matters For Your Relationships[…]

Making Tough Decisions

When I have to make a decision, whether it’s a big life choice or even just picking a meal off of a menu, often I’m struck with a surprise attack:an attack on my ability to be a strong and confident person. I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling, either! When we feel insecure about a decision we Read more about Making Tough Decisions[…]