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The Art and Science of Love: How to Rediscover Friendship (and More!) With Your Partner

Feeling distant from your partner, like the spark has fizzled? Or maybe you’ve noticed you’re operating more like business partners than partners in love—raising kids, running errands, keeping the house from falling apart, paying the bills… daily life can easily get in the way of the friendship you’d like to nurture with your partner. 

Good news: there are concrete ways you can help feel closer and more intimately connected with your partner. One way to do this is through love mapping, an intentional check-in to make sure you understand your partner deeply. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore their inner and outer worlds. 

Pro tip: In the Gottman Sound Relationship House, which you’ll hear us talk about a lot, the first three levels of the house are called the friendship system. Love maps make up the first floor of the house. 

If you’ve been around Core Values Counseling for more than about five minutes, you’ve probably heard us emphasize the importance of intentionally checking in with your partner on a regular basis. One great way to kick-start your intentional practices is through a weekend away. We don’t have to tell you that there’s probably nothing better than investing in your relationship through an INTENTIONAL weekend away! 

Enter The Art and Science of Love, a two-day Gottman workshop we’re excited to share with you on August 27 and 28! 

One of the main areas we focus on in The Art and Science of Love is your friendship, passion, and romance! What if you could go back in time to when you were falling in love? To the days when you had hours upon hours to connect and talk—and it all went by like a blink of an eye?!? 

Through the guided exercises (completed in the privacy of just you and your beloved), you can begin to rekindle and reacquaint yourselves with each other. We use the Gottman Card Decks (which are actually available as a free app here) to ask fun questions of one another. 

Does this sound a little intimidating? Not to worry. We are all in the same boat of busy lives that lead to separate lives that lead to long, silent periods with nothing to say to one another. 

Let us guide you back to that deeper place you’re longing for. We can’t wait to give you rituals of connection that will lead to a lifetime of connection. Register today!