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Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

How many hours a day do you think you spend in front of a screen? How about your partner? A lot of times, it’s easier to notice how often our partner does this — checking their phone during your together-time, scrolling Facebook while you’re supposed to be watching a movie together, or even texting during a meal. I know for me, I can really find it frustrating! That behavior certainly doesn’t make me feel loved or important.

But if we’re really honest with ourselves, there’s a significant likelihood that we also frustrate our partner with our screen time. It’s practically inevitable in this day and age. But the happier truth is this: we don’t have to be frustrated with each other if we work together to broach the issue.

Instead of harboring resentment or judgement around your partner’s screen time, or guilt around your own, have an open conversation about it. Ask each other: how do you want your relationship to look in terms of screens? How is that different from how it is now?

Now, most importantly: What goals can you set together? Changing your behavior with screens is no different than any other kind of behavior change. It requires goals, support, and practice. This article paints a beautiful picture of how to do that with screen time; take a few minutes to read it with your partner and discuss what resonates with you. What SMART goals can you set? How can you support each other to make those goals happen?

We all have habits we want to change, with screens and without. Connect with your partner on how to make those changes together, and your relationship will be stronger for it.