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You know that we are big fans of the Gottmans here at Core Values Counseling. Sabrina is a certified Gottman therapist, and she’s even a trainer, helping other counselors get that same certification. So we love keeping up on all the great tools the Gottmans come out with that help couples. 

If you haven’t tried their Card Deck App, you’re missing out. It’s free on all phones, a gift to  all couples because they believe so deeply in what makes love last. One of the decks is for Love Maps in particular, which Eric and I especially love. 

When couples first meet, they spend endless hours mapping out a lovers’ world through deep, long, loving and curious conversations. However, as couples get settled into the relationship, we often forget to continue this quest for information about our lover. We think we know everything about them and lose the curiosity to find more. This app helps to change that mistake perspective.  

This week, Eric and I decided to open up the love maps deck and ask questions — to see if we still knew each other’s world as well as we think we did. Some of the cards were easy, sure, but other questions have different answers than they used to! Because of these unique new questions, we found ourselves having a deep and meaningful conversation about completely new visions in our hearts. It was truly eye-opening and refreshing. 

How about you? Do you know all about your love, their life, hopes, desires? Give this app a try — you might be surprised.