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“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…”

Spring is finally here! Anyone else enjoying the glorious sunshine today? With this lovely uptick in weather, I can’t help but be reminded of the importance of clear vision. When we don’t understand one another, we can often take out our frustrations on each other. Usually that means we’re struggling with issues that make up the core of who we are; instead of working through them, we build walls around our heart. Walls are not very conducive to healthy relationships, of course. In order for those walls to come down, we really need to understand these core issues and feel like these issues (and therefore we as people) matter.

Having clear vision is the first step to understanding how much you matter, which in turn is the first step towards healthy relationships.

Because once we’re on the same page, we can accomplish great things. Having a shared vision is something we often overlook in relationships — but it is one of those secret-sauce special things that can propel any couple to especially great heights. To that end, we want to invite you to our Enticing Love weekend workshop, where we will help you learn how to honor each other to the core, and build a beautiful vision for your relationship. Join us 6/23-24!