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Affair Recovery

If you are the one who has been hurt by an affair you probably feel stunned, crushed, enraged…betrayed. If you are the one who caused all that pain, you most likely feel like you are going crazy, are full of shame and confusion and can’t see a way through to the other side. Read more


Money and Stress can go hand in hand. What we do with our finances speaks to what we value in life, what we have been taught about handling money and how we communicate/work with our spouse on financial issues. Many times we just have unshared expectations about how money should be used and don’t have detailed realistic plans for reaching financial goals. Read more

Building Intimacy

Have you ever wished you could see into the heart of your lover’s soul, or that they could understand you at your core? With the use of the Core Values Index, we now have a way to do just that. After you take the quick 10-minute assessment online you will instantly be able to know your core values and those of your loved one. Read more


Life is often overwhelming, relationships are always complicated, but when things seem to be in such a state that you cannot untangle the issues or feel like you are unable to deal with the situation, then counseling may be the answer. Read more

Relationship Coaching

Many times people get stuck in habits that make their lives function but don’t move them in a direction they desire. Do you ever feel like you would benefit from someone helping to guide you as you create a rich legacy for your life? Read more

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