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Photo by Atanas Malamov on Unsplash

COVID has been stressful, but there’s still one thing we can do: Walking. Nature. Enjoying the outdoors. I have made it a point to be in nature at least once a week, and it has been a delight. Finding remote trails to walk on without a lot of people on them is so refreshing; even taking my computer and making an office space out on a picnic table has been an absolute blessing. I’ve seen flowers I’ve never noticed before because I’ve never been outside this much! My son has been using an app that identifies plants, so I’ve even learned some of their names, which I really never would have done before. Being able to be out in nature with the people you’re sheltering with has drawn us closer to each other, closer to nature, and given us something to really look forward to. 

Being outside in nature is also incredibly healthy for you — and I think we all need more health of every kind these days. I’m reminded of a post we wrote a few years back about forest bathing; if you’re interested you can read it here. 

How incredibly restorative nature is!