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Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

With the way 2020 has been so far, summer activities are incredibly difficult to plan. How can we plan a getaway three months from now when we really have no idea what the world or COVID will look like three months from now? It can certainly be a frustrating feeling, leading to us feeling trapped or cooped up.

But remember: we might not be able to plan for next month, but we can always plan for today. We can practice spontaneity! We can’t plan trips. But we can be in the moment. Finding the positive in that is really important. What are you going to do today, or this weekend? Where can you explore while safely practicing social distancing? Your block? Your backyard? A local hike? A great adventure doesn’t have to be somewhere far away.

How can you plan for great spontaneity? Maybe keep your favorite walking shoes, a mask, and a water bottle by the door so you have fewer excuses keeping you from a morning walk. Maybe set your gloves and a shovel by the sliding door so you’ll actually work in the garden this week. Maybe start a movie at 10 AM and call up your best friend to ‘watch’ it together. Bring spontaneous moments of joy into your life, and you’ll be cultivating adventure.