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So often I hear counselors encouraging people to do ‘self care,’ but what exactly does that mean? It’s true self-care is of the utmost importance, but it can cover such a wide array of topics that we don’t really know what steps to take. For me, my instinct is to plan a massage, or go into my room and binge on Netflix. But the problem with that is it’s one-sided — sure, my body is getting care and rest, but that’s only one aspect of self-care. I don’t end up feeling truly rejuvenated, because I haven’t spent time caring for my soul. Soul care is an incredibly important part of self-care.

Emphasizing soul care means thinking about what really nurtures and restores you internally. For me personally, it’s tapping into my spiritual journey — taking inventory into how my relationship with God is going. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, when you practice self-care, make sure you tend to your spiritual walk as well. Take some time to read something inspirational, or journal to process your emotions. Take time to feed your emotions with relationships — go to the zoo with your grandchild, or go for a hike with your kids. Connect with relationships, connect with nature, and connect with your spiritual walk.That’s soul care.

Combine that with a massage or a nap, and you’ll find more complete restoration and refreshment. You need more than just physical rest and refreshment — you need emotional and spiritual care and rejuvenation as well. Make sure you find it.