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Fourth of July

Since we’re on a streak this month with Gottman methodology (I just got certified, and I am loving it — can you tell?) let’s talk about rituals of connection. In our busy day and age, a lot of more traditional rituals of connection get lost in the bustle. Personally, I love holidays; I love setting the table with cloth napkins and fancy wine glasses, gathering my family around and celebrating together. Those are rituals. But these connections are also about daily moments.  

What daily rituals do you practice that keep you connected with your spouse?

How do you wake up together? How do you say goodbye? How do you greet each other? How do you go to bed? How do you eat together? These are all daily rituals that can be opportunities for connection. Even when there is no holiday or special event, our family always shares ‘highs and lows’ around the dinner table. That’s our ritual of connection. My son and daughter-in-law bless each other whenever they say goodbye for the day. That’s a ritual of connection. Rituals of connection are about making your life RICH.

Fourth of July is coming up. What are your plans? Do you have a yearly tradition to connect with your loved ones? If not — why not start something? Have the barbecue and sit on the roof together. Have a watermelon spitting contest. Go to a parade. Repeated rituals make the most precious memories, because they’re special moments reinforced with repetition. What memories are you making this week? How are you connecting to your partner, your friends, and your family?

Make rituals, and make your life rich.