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 What To Do When Your Partner Won't Comply

One of the toughest situations to be in relationally is when one person doesn’t see anything wrong with the relationship. They don’t see anything wrong with their behavior, or the way they’re treating you, even though you do — and this partner doesn’t want outside help.

What do you do in that situation? Bend to their will? Throw your hands up and start building wall? Walk away completely? These are hard questions, and they don’t have easy answers. I certainly don’t want to pretend like we could answer this easily in a single blog post. But there is one thing I can encourage you to do if this is where you find yourself: be the best person YOU can be. Learn to ask for what you need — and really stand up for it. Ask in a gentle way so they’ll be able to really internalize it — but do stand up for yourself. Most of all, get support. Ask for the help you need.

Sometimes just seeking help for yourself to determine how to move forward is the best move you can make. You’re worth it. You’re not in this alone. That’s the most important thing to remember, the thing I actually can convey in a blog post: you’re not in this alone. Even though it might be hard to even consider what the outcome might be, ask for help to consider your options. If you don’t know who to ask, know we’re always here for you — just reply to this email. There will be a counselor waiting to walk you through this. Or maybe just to give you the courage to ask for what you need.

There are no easy answers. But you are never alone.