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A Practice in Romance

I know someone who recently revealed a new habit she and her husband were starting to build. Every night, before they go to bed, they each list three things they’re grateful for — about each other.

“I’m thankful you were so sensitive and caring when I got upset earlier.”
“I’m so thankful that you helped clean up after dinner.”
“I’m grateful that you went on a walk with me — it’s so nice to have that time together.”

And back and forth they go, until they’ve each said three things. Doesn’t that sound marvelous? What a wonderful way to rebuild connection, right at the end of the day when you might be distracted by everything that’s happened, or everything that’s coming tomorrow. Right when we’re coming together to rest, rather than allow ourselves to fret about the past or future, we intentionally reconnect in a profound and appreciative way. I know gratitude is shown to be one of the most effective ways to bolster your relationship — so why not make a practice of it?