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I’m one of those people who hates conflict. Seriously. It makes me feel very uneasy, sometimes to the point that I find myself avoiding it at all costs. I am learning how to quiet my anxious soul when it comes to speaking my mind and asking for what I need. It’s just hard! But I’ve found, when I actually do muster the courage to speak the truth, I am received graciously every single time. I just have to learn to trust my Truth and Love as a Merchant.
We often hear the phrase, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff.’ Maybe you shouldn’t sweat it, but you also shouldn’t stuff it down, ruminate on it, and become anxious about it. Often, stepping up and addressing those things makes all the difference. It can be hard to move into a difficult conversation, but it’s essential to ask for what we need. It clears the air and will, in the long run, develop healthier relationships. The study from this articlesays those couples who attend to even the small things that rub them the wrong way have happier relationships (and I would imagine healthier lives!) all around. This week, I’m taking that article to heart and focusing on stepping up, stepping out, and diving into those difficult conversations!How about you? Will you step up to MORE conversations this week?