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How can our own wounds, despite being painful, become powerful healing compounds to our relationship?

It’s kind of mysterious how this works.

Shared pain is actually a way to mobilization. Moving through the pain of the wound together is a way to not only support each other, but to help you both see that you are in this together. You have a shared humanness. You’re being vulnerable. Whether this pain comes from something that feels insurmountable, like the grief of a terminal illness, or something as minor as a short-lived misunderstanding, you will both benefit if you join together to move through it, instead of trying to face it on your own.

When we join with our loved ones in this space and time we share the weight of it. We help each other with the burden. This might sound like a no-brainer, but it can be SO easy to shy away from the difficult conversations, or try to sugar coat the reality. It takes courage to openly show our own fear, pain and tender wounds. But shared tenderness and grief are healing balm to both parties, and exponentially so for you as a couple.