September 7, 2018

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Eric Walters, M.A., C.T.C.

Certified Transformational Coach, Mentor, Educator

Eric is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has taken his training through Western Theological Seminary in Portland Oregon. He has a Masters Degree in physical science education and has been a Physics teacher since 1984 and has run his own private company since 1986. Eric has also been a High School Basketball Coach since 1982 and knows how to challenge students of any age to create their future and become the best they can be.

Eric and his wife Sabrina (who is a Marriage and Family Therapist), have also volunteered in many organizations such as Young Life, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Church Youth groups to help mentor students in exploration of their spiritual life.

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Stephen Carter, Life Coach & Consultant

Coach & Counselor Relationship Director

Stephen has been coaching/consulting individuals, teams, and businesses since 2010. His focus on helping people reach their ‘next level’, authentic self, and to bring greater awareness of their gifting to the communities they serve. Growing up in a generational, small business owners family, he has experienced joys and pitfalls of business ownership first and second hand. Some common themes for small businesses owners is creating healthy boundaries between work, family, and the transitions to and from business ownership. He has been using the CVI (Core Values Index) as the foundation for all aspects of his engagements, and the CVI is his standard for evaluating and building management teams.

As a professional, it pays dividends to invest in someone who can spot the blind spots or places to improve your performance. You’ll find Stephen engaging and insightful, asking questions to refine your destinations.

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Elizabeth Dyan Ficker, M.A., LPCi

Masters Level, Licensed Professional Counselor State Intern

Elizabeth holds a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Multnomah University (2011) and Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Counseling (2002). Major course work included a wide array of subjects relating to human development, marriage and family topics, diversity, depression, anxiety, grief, and more. She has additional training as an ICF Certified Professional Coach, which includes experience in life, health, and executive business coaching. She has experience working with couples, individuals, and adolescents.

Elizabeth is passionate about helping people get “unstuck” in their lives and their relationships. Her philosophy is that everyone has the potential to heal, grow, and thrive while becoming the best version of themselves and to contribute positively to the relationships in their lives and their community. She uses a holistic approach to counseling, utilizing cognitive-behavioral methodologies, values-based philosophy, solution-focused & strength-based psychology, positive psychology, and implement coaching when ready to move forward. Elizabeth has a tendency to blend psychoeducation and psychotherapy to enhance the client’s ability to heal, grow, and reach their goals, as well as connect with others.

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Heath and well being during the COVID-19 Pandemic


PLEASE CALL 503-869-8108

During this time of uncertainty and the world feeling upside down, we want you to know we are here for you.

Anxiety, depression, PTSD, and relational triggers are at an all-time high!

Anxiety is out of control. When we hear so much bad news and we have no idea when this pandemic will begin to reverse, it can rattle even the calmest among us, but for people who already struggle with anxiety, it can be crippling. Whether you are new to the emotion or it is an old bedfellow, talking to someone and finding ways to cope and move forward can be incredibly helpful.

Depression is also something that is normal when we stop all normal activities, find ourselves homeschooling our kids, working from home, in isolation, or are grieving the loss of a job, loss of your health, or worse yet, loss of a loved one. Maybe you feel like you shouldn’t be depressed because you haven’t had a “major” loss, but instead, you are feeling low and out of sorts because you couldn’t go on your vacation, throw your child a birthday party, or attend Easter services. We’re here to tell you, if you are a human on planet earth, at this moment in time, you have a reason to be depressed.

If you suffer from PTSD in any form, you are probably being triggered a great deal right now. Many people are feeling triggers that are elusive. You may not even understand why you feel these triggers that cause any number of symptoms from anxiety, to panic attacks to physical issues. This is understandable. Everywhere you turn you hear of life-threatening illness, death, and loss of every kind.

Relationship distress is also a big issue right now. How could it not be? We are all working from home, navigating uncharted territory on every front and there is no end in sight.

You know you need help. You want to talk to someone, but how do you get these services when you are practicing social distancing? Online therapy, that is how we can help. Whether you need individual therapy, couples or help with your whole family, we are here for you.

We understand online therapy is different than seeing your therapist in person! However, there is some research that has found we are able to connect at a very deep level through online therapy. Not every problem is best served through online therapy. We will talk with you and assess if it is a viable option for you.

Please call us today. Whether you have insurance or not, we will do everything we can to get you the help you need.

We have several platforms to do online therapy.  Please reach out to us today.

We are here to ease your stress and give you tools to manage during this unprecedented time.