It’s Goal Season

It’s Goal Season

Happy New Year! 2020 is finally upon us, and right on schedule is the expectation that everyone — EVERYONE — is setting big, grand goals for the year. So what about you? Any New Year’s resolutions? Or perhaps you’re a bit sick of reading/hearing that question, for one reason or another. Personally, New Year’s resolutions tend to lose their luster for me when I’m looking back at a year that’s been outside of my control. Does that resonate with you?

If the last year has brought some difficult circumstances, you might not be where you’d have hoped by now. When people look back and say, “What did you accomplish this year?” maybe your first thought is, ‘I survived.’ I know I’ve felt that way, and known many others who have as well.

When we’re not where we want to be, especially when we’ve made it through trauma or stress, setting goals can feel, at best, pointless — and at worst, an exercise in outright agony. 

I believe there are two healthy ways to respond when we feel this way.

The first is this: ignore those cultural calls for goal-setting. The New Year does not have the corner on the ‘goal-setting market.’ You can choose to reinvent yourself or dream big any day of the year — whether it’s January 1st, February 27th, or mid-August. The day that goal-setting works for you is the day it gives you joy. After all, it’s for your benefit — who are you doing it for, if not yourself? So, if it doesn’t serve you, let it go until it does.

The second is quite the opposite: Claim this time for new goals, regardless of where you are in life. You CAN feel proud of yourself for surviving this year — pat yourself on the back, and decide what goals you have for the next. Even if it’s as simple as adding ‘joy’ on top of ‘survive,’ that can be a very worthy goal. Maybe there’s a goal you had to give up — so what new goal can you embrace? For many people, setting New Year’s resolutions is an energizing experience. If that’s you, don’t let your past year rob you of that joy. Look the future in the face and claim those goals anyway, no matter how humble or daring they may be — they’re yours, and claiming them is the first step in the journey. 

Whichever feels best to you — grabbing new goals by the horns, or giving yourself a season of rest without any new goals at all — that’s the one I encourage you to embrace. Both are equally healthy, valid, and beneficial for your emotional health. If you felt your heart leap at the thought of one, don’t judge yourself, don’t hesitate — embrace it.

The year is yours to take.

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During this time of uncertainty and the world feeling upside down, we want you to know we are here for you.

Anxiety, depression, PTSD, and relational triggers are at an all-time high!

Anxiety is out of control. When we hear so much bad news and we have no idea when this pandemic will begin to reverse, it can rattle even the calmest among us, but for people who already struggle with anxiety, it can be crippling. Whether you are new to the emotion or it is an old bedfellow, talking to someone and finding ways to cope and move forward can be incredibly helpful.

Depression is also something that is normal when we stop all normal activities, find ourselves homeschooling our kids, working from home, in isolation, or are grieving the loss of a job, loss of your health, or worse yet, loss of a loved one. Maybe you feel like you shouldn’t be depressed because you haven’t had a “major” loss, but instead, you are feeling low and out of sorts because you couldn’t go on your vacation, throw your child a birthday party, or attend Easter services. We’re here to tell you, if you are a human on planet earth, at this moment in time, you have a reason to be depressed.

If you suffer from PTSD in any form, you are probably being triggered a great deal right now. Many people are feeling triggers that are elusive. You may not even understand why you feel these triggers that cause any number of symptoms from anxiety, to panic attacks to physical issues. This is understandable. Everywhere you turn you hear of life-threatening illness, death, and loss of every kind.

Relationship distress is also a big issue right now. How could it not be? We are all working from home, navigating uncharted territory on every front and there is no end in sight.

You know you need help. You want to talk to someone, but how do you get these services when you are practicing social distancing? Online therapy, that is how we can help. Whether you need individual therapy, couples or help with your whole family, we are here for you.

We understand online therapy is different than seeing your therapist in person! However, there is some research that has found we are able to connect at a very deep level through online therapy. Not every problem is best served through online therapy. We will talk with you and assess if it is a viable option for you.

Please call us today. Whether you have insurance or not, we will do everything we can to get you the help you need.

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We are here to ease your stress and give you tools to manage during this unprecedented time.