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During the holiday season it is so easy to loose sight of what is truly important. Instead of buying into the chaos and frenzy of the normal holiday season, which is my usual mode of operation.

I am intentionally choosing to be more centered than normal. I am focusing on Wholeness and Holiness during this time of Advent.

When we lived in Poland I remember how sober everyone was until the day before Christmas. They see this time as preparation for the Christ Child to be born again in our hearts. Just like when a woman is pregnant, they are focused on being with this baby developing inside and preparing a place for this little one. If we are really at the top of our game during pregnancy, we are focusing our heart as well as our home on the arrival of this new little one.

I am inviting you to join me in focusing on finding ways to prepare your heart and your home for a new life. Whatever your faith practice is, the more we look toward the gift of life, love and hope for the future, the more we will BE the presence of the life, love and hope we want to live.

So you may say, “that sounds good Sabrina, but HOW do I do this when there are so many extra things pulling at my time, attention and even at my heart strings this time of year.”

I invite you to do is ask yourself everyday, have I done something to take care of my own soul today, my own body, my own mind? Just as they say on the airplane: remember to “First put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others!” When we have taken the time to center ourselves on what is important, then we have a better sense of what is truly important.

After you have taken care of your own body, mind, soul and spirit, reach out to those you love in your life. Keep it in perspective. Ask yourself often if this is what you want to do. If it is not, DON’T do it. Practice graciously saying “NO” (this is a tough one for me). Others may need to practice saying “YES!” Whichever is harder is what you need to do.

Lastly, during this season which can be driven by greedy chaos, practice gratitude. I have a friend who exchanges lists of gratitude with me every day via text. It is such a great way to focus on what is sacred; both good and hard things go on this list.

May your holiday be filled with what YOU need it to be filled with. Give this some thought and then set the intention to move in that direction. Mindfully move toward Wholeness this season by being a bit more mindful. Happy Holidays!