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What Will Your Legacy Be?

Oftentimes, Memorial Day is simply a family gathering and a barbecue. You might go visit a veteran’s memorial or something along those lines, and that can be wonderful. But at times like this it’s important to remember not just the names, but the legacy others have left behind.

It helps us to understand the legacy we want to leave.

One year ago this week we lost our dear Grandpa Harry. We lost our patriarch. He was a veteran of the Korean War, so this weekend has extra special meaning for us now. Life has been difficult without him; it’s hard to say good-bye. But as we look back, we can’t help but see his wonderful legacy. 

Grandpa left us with a beautiful legacy. He left us with a strong sense of family. He loved spoiling his kids with dinners out, with vacations (like a cruise to Alaska!). He built with his own two hands a cabin we spent years enjoying together. He was an only child, and loved having his family around him any way he could.

This has helped us think about what we want our legacy to be. Eric and I want to be that kind of welcoming presence for our children. A haven, a warm home, a place of comfort. A lot of people think about their financial legacy — and sure, that’s important, and good and a gift to your children. But equally as important is the culture legacy you leave your family. What a treasure it would be to your children and grandchildren (and beyond) to leave a legacy of loving, delighting in, cherishing, and treasuring your family — building a culture where family is valued.

That’s our goal, and Grandpa inspires us to build it every day.

What about you? What’s your legacy going to be?