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Get Summer Started The Right Way

Summer is upon us! School is out, the sun (and heat!) are here, and the most adventurous season is in full bloom. What does summer mean to you? Does your family have summer traditions, a family trip, or activities you do every year? The Gottman research states that couples who have rituals for just about everything end up being the happiest and healthiest couples. That’s good news for all of us, because rituals are a fun and simple tool to add to our lives!

I remember when I was a little girl, the beginning of summer was full of so many possibilities. It was magical! And the absolute best part was the anticipation I felt every year as our family horse backing trip into the wilderness drew closer. This became a yearly tradition that allowed us all a real break from the hustle and bustle of life for everyone. We would take big bags of onions and potatoes — and very little else — and ride our horses into the woods, catching lots of fish to eat with them along the way! That tradition added joy and closeness to our family as I grew up, and even now makes up some of my most fond memories to look back on.  

What rituals are you creating for you and your beloved? How will you really rest and enjoy the long summer days and romantic summer nights? What will you remember about your summer rituals? The key here is to start with daydreaming — and end with a plan. Don’t let the summer months pass without getting something scheduled, or before you know it the September school bells will be ringing once more.

However long or short your summer break is, sit down with your beloved today and make some plans.