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406384_10150663857444665_786069664_11162497_92847477_nSchool is back in session and that can be a time of relief (for moms especially) but also a time of stress and anxiety as homework and life of busyness ramps back up.

I wonder what life would be like if we started one new ritual surrounding becoming more centered daily, less chaotic (and I’m preaching to myself as much as anyone). When our lives are so busy that we don’t have time to think, we tend to become more and more chaotic.

In Scott Belsky’s (Adobe’s VP) Article a few months ago called “What Happened to Down Time; The Extinction of Deep Thinking and Sacred Space” he talks about the need for space to think; without it creativity is squelched and stunted. In our crazy busy, technological society, I believe we have to make space to think and just “be.”

I have found this very important in my work with just about everyone. I try to give you time and space in my office to think, to breath and maybe even meditate. I am trying to practice what I preach, (sometimes more successfully than others). I guess that is why they call meditation or yoga or a “faith practice” just that…practice. When I find this space to think or read quietly or write, I feel more like myself, less overwhelmed with life.

I invite you into a space like this as well, whether with me or in your own space and time. It could be YOUR new BEGINNING!