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5 Ways To Make It An Amazing Summer

Summer is a magical season. The kids are out of school, vacations are planned, and everything is sunshine, river rides and watermelon — it’s full of warmth and possibility. As you continue to embrace your summer, there’s a few important things we encourage you to keep in mind.

  1. Be fearless — try new things! We’ve mentioned this before, but trying new things can actually rewire your brain, build new neuropathways, and generally help you become more healthy. Try something new and exciting this summer — even if it scares you!

  2. Be present. Summer is a season for rest, adventure, family — make sure you’re present for every second of it. Don’t let the sun pass you by without really soaking it in! Consider trying a tech fast once a week, or maybe starting to meditate. Whatever helps you stay more present with yourself and your family, you’ll be glad you did.

  3. Breathe deeply. Summer is usually FULL of adventure — don’t forget to breathe. I mean this quite literally. Make sure you’re taking time for deep breathing, every day, throughout the day — that extra oxygen will help your stress levels, alertness, and overall sense of well-being. With so much going on around us, we tend to forget this most basic of needs — so give your breath some extra love this summer.

  4. Have traditions. Memories are built from rituals. What’s something you try and do every summer? A trip you take every year? A pool you and your kids go to every Saturday? Building those rituals and traditions adds a beautiful weight to the repeated memories they create; they’ll be memories you and your family look back on with fondness for years to come.

  5. Enjoy the day! If nothing else, Summer is for JOY! I think all too often we tend to almost feel guilty when we feel joy — there’s so much to worry about, in the world and in our own individual lives. But joy is not neglectful of that — joy is courageous in spite of that. The most powerful and courageous reaction you can have to fear or stress is joy. It strengthens you, it empowers others — your joy, in fact, blesses those around you. So don’t hold back, don’t feel guilty, just relish and delight in whatever joy you find. Build it, seek it, harbor it, share it.

Whatever joyful adventures this season brings you, we hope your summer is a special one!