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What Grandma Used To Say

Sometimes, when Sabrina and I were younger, our Grandma Johnson would see us holding hands or exchanging sweet glances, and she’d say, “I just love watching you two make love.”

Well, as you can imagine, that phrasing brought a blush around my neck. Watching us what?! This wasn’t that kind of show, Grandma!

But, of course, she didn’t mean it the way it’s used today.

What she meant, and the definition we like to use in our practice, is this: Making Love is demonstrating affection; it’s the emotional connection of the Mind, Body and Spirit to your partner in a way they can Emotionally, Mentally and Physically receive it and return the connection in a way their partner can Emotionally, Mentally and Physically accept it back.

So yes: When we shared with her our shared dreams and hopes for our future and what we were doing together, when we held each other and looked at each other and exchanges stolen kisses in front of her, when we hugged and giggled and enjoyed each other — that was making love.

And last but certainly not least: we would look at each other, especially into each others’ eyes, and marvel at the spirit of our beloved, knowing they had our back, believed the best of us, felt safe to share anything and wanted to support us in our dreams for this life. I still marvel at that.

So yes: we were making Love in front of Grandma Johnson, our kids, and anyone else who saw us together for any length of time. And you know what? More couples need to make Love in front of others! Because right now, not very many people really know what love is or how to do it. The legacy we leave through our boys, their wives, and our grandkids is not the money we make or the things we get to do, but how we love each other through whatever life throws at us. And life has thrown a lot of stuff at us.

What we want to do this weekend is to bring you to a place of Intimacy with each other. A place you can feel safe to share what you believe about life and what you want your future to look like. We will show you how each of you are wired, and how you interpret life situations that occur. We will show you ways to manage conflict, strategies that will help you talk through situations without falling into you fight, flight or freeze panic mode. We are here to teach and give Hope to all who are at a point that want to improve their relationship.