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Another Easter Egg Hunt

At our house, we always have two Easter egg hunts. One for the ‘littles,’ as we call them — that’s the kiddos. Then we have another hunt for the ‘bigs,’ aka the second generation grown-ups. That age range runs 15-55, and it’s always a hit. We hide cash in the eggs, and Eric goes above and beyond every year to hide them in more difficult, hard-to-find spots (and yes, we do lose eggs every year). It makes for a wonderful adventure, some playful competition, and generally allows the ‘adults’ to access their inner child, if only for an hour or so. It’s a Walters tradition, and we love it.

But now there’s a third Easter egg hunt, and you’re invited.

Have you ever considered…your partner as one wonderful Easter egg hunt?

There are so many hidden surprises in your partner’s mind and soul. No matter how long you’ve been together, I guarantee that there’s an incredible amount you don’t already know. Yes, really! When’s the last time you went hunting for new ideas that you’ve never asked your partner? When were you last hunting for a deeper understanding of your partner? Have you updated your knowledge of your partner lately?

-What’s their greatest frustration?

-Their greatest joy?

-What are they worried about?

-What’s their new favorite restaurant?

-Their dream vacation?

These are those little Easter egg surprises that you may not even know exist — but by asking these questions, by digging until you find the reward, you’ll soon discover wonderful surprises.