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Builder CVI

I’ve noticed in my practice that those who have the lowest rate of anxiety and stress-related issue are Builders. Builders have the confidence to get things done that precludes anxiety; they inherently have faith in themselves, and believe they have the power to do what they need to do without even thinking about it. Oftentimes in talking with Builders, they just exude this effortless ability to get things done. They know they can and they’re usually right.

But this isn’t everybody. We who are lower in the Builder quadrant can often fall into a spin cycle of stress — we need to get a lot of things done, and we don’t know how, which causes anxiety. But there’s something that might help. Realize that you actually do have that powerful energy within you — everybody has all the quadrants, remember? Just to varying degrees. Which means you can have that confidence, too — you just need to step into your Builder.

To strengthen your Builder muscles, do the things Builders do. Builders often make a list, check it off, get organized, and work until something’s done — they do not stop halfway or leave anything unfinished. They don’t hesitate because of doubt, they just do it — it may not be perfect, but it gets done. So put on your Builder pants and act as if you that’s what you are. Practice doing those things. Half the battle is getting started; so pick something and do it. Move into that energy, and feel your confidence rise. Whether it’s working out, or a big house project, or a school project — schedule it, gather the tools, and go for it. If we increase our builder energy, even by ten percent, it exponentially changes our life. It adds energy, and lowers anxiety, it gives us the confidence we need. Try it!

If you’re not sure where you stand on the scale — Banker? Innovator? Merchant? Builder? — take ten minutes to take our free assessment: The Core Values Index.