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Yesterday, I posted this video to our Facebook page about how some couples are able to survive affairs others aren’t. The professor they interviewed hit the nail on the head: getting through infidelity, together, is all about taking responsibility. Part of that is allowing the hurt partner the chance to heal by being truly transparent, vulnerable, honest. No blame of any kind can be placed on the hurt partner. This openness, honesty, and ownership allows a space for true forgiveness to flourish, and (as she said in the video) many couples say that this process actually brings them together and they become stronger than before the affair! 

It’s not rocket science — you might be thinking, sure, of course that’s the only way to heal! But sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult. The truth is, though, there truly is hope for this kind of healing. We know, because it happened to us. 

Take a moment to watch the video, and never hesitate to reach out if you and your partner need support.