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Welcome to Summer! It’s finally here: the season of good times, relaxing days, warm memories. The season of enjoying the outdoors, of picnics and wine tasting, of long drives through the country and watching the sunset so much later than before. Summer is perhaps my favorite season! My only problem? It simply flies by too quickly.

Every year it seems like summer is over before it begins! We blink and three months have disappeared behind us. So this year I’m setting my intention early, and I invite you to do the same. The Gottman Institute research has found that when we intentionally make time for good things to happen, it lessons strife and conflict within our relationships. So let’s make time! Let’s make plans to enjoy ourselves and fiercely protect those plans — otherwise, the time will slip by and we’ll be wondering where our memory-making moments disappeared to. 

What is your intention for this season?