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For Couples Who Are Doing "Fine"

Core Values Couples had a big ‘first’ recently.

Two weekends ago, we had our latest couples’ retreat, known fondly as Enticing Intimacy. Two cozy nights the Dreamgiver’s Inn in Newberg, Oregon, with a group of couples all ready to grow their relationship to newer and deeper levels.

What’s so special about that? We’ve led countless retreats like it, of course, so on paper there was nothing particularly new to report.

But this weekend was different — this weekend, all of our couples were doing just ‘fine.’ That is, they weren’t on the brink of divorce, dealing with an affair, or struggling through any major relationship hurdles. Their relationships were doing well — strong, even! Which is a first for us, because usually there’s at least one couple in crisis. We are always thrilled to serve those couples, and we believe our retreats offer support in that area — but we’ve also often tried to communicate that, even if you’re doing just fine, you can always grow in your relationship. That’s what we focused on this weekend, and the results were fantastic.

Investing in your relationship when you’re doing ‘fine’ is laying a foundation. It’s building the tools you need for crisis well before crisis arrives, so that you can get through it much more easily — or avert it from ever arriving in the first place.

In fact, when you’re doing well is often the best time to do this powerful work. Think about it — would you rather build your house during a calm summer’s day, or during a hurricane?

Congrats to our couples this weekend for the progress they made — we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your love!