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We are, all of us, facing an incredibly stressful and tumultuous global pandemic. Our hearts, prayers, and hope go out to everyone who’s feeling overwhelmed during this time, and especially to those dealing with the stress of healthcare or quarantine. Do you or someone you know work in healthcare right now? Or are you or someone you love in quarantine with a COVID-19 diagnosis? We want to provide support for you. This virus isn’t just presenting a physical burden, although that is of course a frightening reality — it’s presenting an enormous mental and emotional burden for those on the front lines. If that’s you, please respond to this email — we want to offer you free weekly therapy for the duration of this stressful time. 

While we wish we could offer this service to everyone, at this time we’re limiting it to those most affected by this crisis, specifically the three groups described below. If that’s you or anyone you know, please reply to this email to get started.

What we’re offering: Weekly, one-hour telehealth therapy sessions with Sabrina Walters, LMFT, LPC, free of charge.

Who it’s for: This service is available to 1) Anyone who has contracted COVID-19. 2) Anyone who has a family member who has contracted COVID-19, or 3) Anyone working in healthcare feeling an overload from COVID-19 cases.

We will share these on a first-come, first serve basis as much as we’re able. If you know anyone who fits the above description and might benefit from this service, please forward them this email. We’d love to get connected.

What we’re dealing with in the world right now is unprecedented, and the mental health burden is weighty. We want to help you carry it. Even if you’ve never attended therapy or counseling before, even if you’re not quite sure it’s for you — just remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Let us be there for you.

To request a slot, please reply to this email and we will connect with you about next steps.