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It’s that time right between Christmas and New Years. How are you feeling? Has the grinch syndrome caught you yet? 

The holidays are a magical time, but I think we can all agree: they’re also stressful. Some extra grouch can come out in any of us if we aren’t careful to be self-aware. Sometimes, how our desire for Christmas magic, for the perfect NYE party, for just the right gift and decor and…and…and…can all come out sideways in the form of criticisms and grumpy snips at our beloved (not to mention anyone else who dares get in the way of our shopping, wrapping, caroling, cooking, planning!). 

One of our favorite blogs deals with this topic in a really beautiful, in-depth way. In this post, author Kyle Benson talks about how to reduce holiday stress by understanding the ‘stress cycles’ of your partner and yourself. This is a powerful practice than can help you connect more deeply with your partner during times of stress, and make sure you both feel like you’re on the same team as you face tough external circumstances. Give it a read, and let us know what you think!