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Navigating Mountaintops

Tough times have a tendency to surprise us, but there is nothing more inevitable.You will face challenges. It’s completely normal and natural! With every mountaintop experience, there will always be a valley. The key is to know your obstacle and prepare accordingly. I was at a meeting this last week with Carl Casanova, owner of NewVibe Trainings, who shared some beautiful insights on mountain top and valley experiences. Just like when we’re trying to reach a real mountain top, we all need two things: a map and a support team.

First of all, what is your vision? Your trail map for your life? In order to have those mountaintops we need a plan. Plan for success. Have a vision, make a map, then get busy blazing the trail. The valley is always where our strengths are tested, but one of the best ways to make it through is to remember that even in our darkest times we can always keep our eyes our vision. That’s what’s going to strengthen your spirit and soul. How is your life going to make a difference in the world!?! The vision you have for your life, your family, and your relationship can make a difference in every circle you have — and even in circles you have no idea you could influence.

We also need a support team to reach the summit. Who is your Community? Who are the people in your inner circle, who challenge you, who make you a better person? These are the people who help us blaze our trails and pave a path to the mountain top. These are the people who can be there when we eventually encounter those obstacles.

This season is full of mountaintops for Eric and I: learning together in our doctoral program, teaching our couples conferences, and a building a strong client base for Eric even while he pursues his full time teaching job. But the truth is, we’re going through valleys simultaneously as we try to understand some deeply puzzling problems. In all this we are encouraged when we hold close to our vision and our precious community (you know who you are!).

What are your mountains and valleys today? How are you holding to your vision and community?