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When my boys were young we listened to and read the Dinotopia books in which we learned the phrase “Breathe Deep, Seek Peace.” This has become a mantra of sorts that helps to calm my racing mind and anxious thoughts. Often times we don’t realize what control we actually have over our minds if we just stop, center and breathe. It isn’t rocket science, but it is science.l Recent studies show the amazing benefits of meditation on our brain and thus on our body. There are plenty of studies on the mind/body connect and the importance of centering our minds, adding a little oxygen and believing in our body’s ability to calm down our mind.  This article (no longer available) summarizes the techniques most often used to get your body and mind connected through mindful breathing, relaxation and guided imagery. These are techniques I teach many of my clients whether they struggle with anxiety or are just wanting to center their thoughts in order to feel connected to God, understand what they are experiencing or studying for a test. From biblical writers to yoga gurus, the use of meditation has been utilized to find our center through the ages. In the hectic world in which we live and work, it is a vital tool to perfect in order to be transported back to your best self and move forward toward your goals. Take time to “Breathe Deep and Seek Peace” today.