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creative types

Last week we talked about Banker/Builder — the types with a more practical, get-er-done force pushing them onward. But if you are Merchant or Innovator, based in Love and Wisdom, chances are you like to think outside the box — or you might at least like to decorate it! You are usually an empathic, compassionate person; we are visionaries, team players, and problem solvers, but — believe it or not — not everyone is wired like you. We have a tendency to feel like our dreams and big ideas are way more important than any of that practical stuff, which can be frustrating for our more pragmatic counterparts. You might have issues sticking to a budget, or to a schedule; you might be focused on goals others deem unrealistic. Those issues can cause conflict. How to handle that?

If you are that person: Start with a strong dose of humility. Your ideas and dreams are important, trust me — I am this person, and I understand. But our big ideas and save-the-world mentality will never accomplish anything if we’re not partnered with those folks who know the details of getting things done. They’re skilled at thinking about how to make those big things happen. It’s about integrating our gifts with the gifts of our practical friends, knowing that any exciting plan in life only comes together when we actually do look at the bottom line and hear the things that could go wrong — and accept that our ideas aren’t the only ideas.

If this is your loved one: If you are the more practical person in this situation and you’re working with someone who’s highly creative, you might find yourself frustrated at their stream of wild ideas. But instead of shutting those ideas down, even if they seem unattainable to you with the means you have, take a moment to listen. Open up to the possibilities. Open up to those ideas, and ask them how this might be possible. Encourage more focused ideation. Once you start talking practical, their ideas will flow towards you and with you. You’ll be working together, and that’s when your work will be most effective. Because when the creative person believes that you’re listening and valuing their technicolor view of the world, it paves the way to compromise.

If you’re not sure where you stand on the scale — Banker? Innovator? Merchant? Builder? — take ten minutes to take our free assessment: The Core Values Index.