Unpacking of the CVI™


Unpacking of the Core Values Index™. The price includes the Workbook for 2 people and a follow-through video.
*This online version is self paced, includes a workbook and video access for a year.
The class will help you understand yourself and your partner in how they are wired in relating to life situations. This will include how you both look and deal with life situations, including tackling problems together, resolving conflict, and shifting how you deal with situations so you both feel you have each other’s best interest in mind. This class deepens what John Gottman calls “Love Maps” which “help you develop greater personal insight and a more detailed understanding of each other’s life and world.”

If you have only taken the free CVI™ version, we highly recommend upgrading to the full version of the CVI™ for $49.95 BEFORE beginning the unpacking the CVI™ course.

To upgrade to the full version, you’ll need to login to your account when you took the FREE CVI™ and select the option to upgrade. If you aren’t sure how to do that, take the free CVI™ again, it’s quick, under 5 minutes and highly repeatable- so there is no harm in you taking it again.