Basic Core Values Index Training (Certification)


Next session: June 14th and 15th at the Core Values Counseling Office

The Core Values Index Counselor, Coach and Clergy training will enable you to use the CVI with clients and in groups. Whether you are working as a coach, counselor or clergy this tool helps to give you the ability to guide people into the highest level of communication, personal understanding and greatest contribution. With teams you are able to help people see the gifts they bring to the table and work more in their “sweet spot.” With couples and families, the more they understand their own “DNA” of their soul they can begin to honor themselves and others. With individuals, if they understand their unchanging core, they are more likely to move in the direction of their highest and greatest contribution and learn productive conflict strategies rather than spinning in the unknown.

The workshop is online, 1.5 hours per week for four weeks. You receive 3 Free (full version) CVI’s. Afterward, we meet and when you have successfully completed the core competencies you will be certified and able to use the CVI in your practice.

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Session: June 14th and 15th at the Core Values Counseling Office

What if you could have an x-ray vision of your clients? This is what you have when you give them this powerful tool. Learn to use the innovative new Human Assessment, the Core Values Index (CVI). With this tool you will be able to help clients learn about their innate, unchanging self. This is a great tool to use with individuals ages 10 and above. It helps people understand how they are wired and gives them the ability to gain the most effective life possible.

Benefits of becoming a certified CVI Trained coach or counselor

Basic Certification

1) You will get trained to use the CVI with clients which will allow you to:

A) Understand and teach them about their conflict strategy
B) Understand and teach them about their Learning Styles
C) See how they view the world through their highest Core Value
D) Realize the strength of each Core Value
E) Teach the client how to shift Core Values when in different situations

2) You will have access to learning tools like:

A) Videos to help refresh your understanding of using the CVI with clients
B) Power Point presentations to use when unpacking the CVI
C) A Face Book group to share ideas and question about the CVI uses
D) Support from Core Values Counseling to answer questions and support you

3) You will get technical and product support by Taylor Protocols:

A) URL’s to put on your website so people can take the Free or Full CVI
B) You will get a bucket with all CVI’s that people take from your URL’s
C) You will get a discount if you by CVI’s in bulk, 10% for 10-50 CVI.

4) You can gain revenue through referring companies to Taylor Protocols or E-Rep.

5) You can use the CVI to do Team Building activities with companies or groups.

Advanced Certification

After Unpacking 20 CVI’s with clients you may work towards the advance CVI certification.
This would allow you to have the benefits of the Basic Certification plus those listed below.
You would choose an Area of focus for your advanced certification in:

  1. Relationships: - You would be trained to use the CVI with couples dealing in conflict,
    teaching them how and when to shift to another Core Value to resolve issues.
    -You will be posted on our Core Values Counseling website as a trained counselor or coach for
    clients to work with the CVI and relationships.
    -You will be eligible to work with the Core Values Counseling team for conferences.)
  2. Corporate Work: -You will be recommended by E-Rep to do foundation classes for
    companies needing coaches, teachers and trainers.
    -You will be recommended by Innate Careers to coach people wanting guidence understanding
    their CVI results with education and career choices.
  3. Individual Work: - You would be trained to use the CVI in with individuals dealing
    with conflict, teaching them how to shift to another Core Value.
    -You will be posted on our Core Values Counseling website as a trained counselor or coach for
    clients to work with the CVI for individuals.


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