Learning Styles Enrichment

Everyone has their very own, unique learning style involving three of the five senses. These three are touch, sight, and hearing. These are like sensors that bring information into a computer’s mainframe, and is then processed so the computer can understand the information coming in and predict consequences for the future. The Core Values Index (CVI) assessment helps the trained CVI coach or counselor understand the individual’s processor and gives them information to help guide the student through activities that promote understanding of the information.

Here is a free website I use in helping my students understand how they access information from their senses, http://www.howtolearn.com/learning-styles-quiz. After taking that assessment, take the full version of the Core Values Index, Take the CVI. Then contact one of our coaches or counselors to unpack the CVI with you, with a focus on the way you learn best. Remember, what you don’t know can control you. Understand how you learn, so you can take control of your learning.