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Why Was He The ‘Saint of Love’ Anyway?

For many of us, we just think of Valentine's as a Hallmark, money-grabbing, sugar-filled holiday. And it has been rather commercialized. But that's not how it started -- and there is a really beautiful meaning in this holiday that you might not be aware of. St....

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Lessons from Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day”

This last Wednesday was Groundhog Day. If you’re familiar with the clip above, you know this particular holiday is the one Bill Murray’s character is forced to relive, over and over and over, in the eponymous 90's film. He’s stuck in a repeating loop. At first, he...

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Believing For The Best

One of my favorite songs is a number by Stormie Omartian, called “Believing For The Best In You.” In it, she sings: You've been searching through the garden of your life / For the seeds that were planted there. / When I show you the / blossoms and point out the vine,...

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Understanding Your Holiday Stress Cycle

It's that time right between Christmas and New Years. How are you feeling? Has the grinch syndrome caught you yet?  The holidays are a magical time, but I think we can all agree: they're also stressful. Some extra grouch can come out in any of us if we aren’t careful...

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Your Bed is Not A Workplace

When I was young, my mom would never let me eat in bed — she never wanted me to get crumbs in the sheets. If I did, I’d have to change my sheets, a chore I simply hated. These days, many of us have started using our beds for many more things than it was advertised for at the mattress store, especially work. In fact, you might be one of the many (like me!) who’s now relegated to working at home exclusively, thanks to the social distancing requirements. When creating an at-home workspace, it’s important to remember that the purpose of a bed is sleep & intimacy!